Container Size Guide

Depending on the prodcut purchased, our foods are packaged in several container sizes. To determine the container size of food you will be purchasing, please check the 'Additional Information' tab which can be found on every product page.

The majority of our products are packaged in strong, reusuable plastic containers. We feel this is the most effective way of packaging our product, keeping the contents fresher for longer! We use use the following sizes of tubs to package our products:

180ml, 280ml, 550ml, and 850ml. 

The diagram below shows the size difference between the different containers we use:

Some of our bulk products may be packaged in buckets with Handles. We use the following sizes of buckets:

1200ml, 3000ml and 5600ml.

The diagram below shows the different sizes between the buckets we use to package our products:

Occasionally, products may be packaged in strong grip seal bags. This is normally for smaller quantities of food, and will be specified on the particular product page. Please ensure you check the 'Additional Information' tab to see how each product is packaged, and what size container is used.